Kayy’s weekly beauty bin

Hi Guys,

How is everyone’s week going! I’m happy that my Friday is tomorrow! With my new job I get to work 4 10 hour shifts instead of 5 8 hour shifts! This has its ups and downs for sure though. I’ve been starting at 6AM the last 3 days so waking up at 4:50 has not been fun, and quite honestly i’ve fallen into a rut with my makeup.

I feel like I’ve been doing the same look or the same thing EVERY SINGLE DAY and I feel like I’ve just gotten a little bit lazy and a little bit comfortable with my makeup routine. So I decided I want to switch it up. Each week I am going to put products that have fallen off of my radar and use those for a week! I’m excited to use my old favorites again.

Lets see what made it into this weeks batch!


Face: I have really fallen in love with the Revlon photo ready airbrush effect foundation, and i’m not ready to stop using it at the moment so I threw that in there. I had run out of my Maybelline Fit me concealer and was using some others that I had but I wanted to go back to an oldie but goodie. For bronzer and setting powder I put in my KVD shade and light palette. I have honestly been neglecting this palette for my wet-n-wild duo and really want to get back to using this baby!! I don’t remember if I had put this elf baked blush in a products I regret purchasing post…. but I was playing with it the other day and its really pretty as a highlight so I want to experiment and use it a bit more. So that is why I threw this in there!


Eyes: I feel like ever since I got my Morphe 350 palette I haven’t used anything since… Before this one came into my life I was using the Too Faced chocolate bar palette and for a good reason. This is one of the best palettes out there and I am so excited to bring it back into my makeup life! I only use a couple eye liners since I have super sensitive eyes so this week im using the covergirl black eyeliner and for mascara the loreal black mascara!! For my winged liner days I only stick with one liquid liner and thats the physicians formula. I tend to not do my eyebrows but I am wanting to practice more and get more into it so I have my anastasia brow definer!


Lips: Okay so waking up at 4:50 in the morning is hard enough without having to put on lipstick. My lips have been bare for quite awhile now and I missssss having those beautiful colors on my lips! So for my lips I picked 3 lipsticks that I am going to use. I chose Nyx Lingerie in Embellishment, Colourpop Ultra satin lip in Molly and colour pop lippie stick in back up! They are all bold colors so I am excited to pair these with some outfits for work this week.


Do you guys have any requests? I have a battle of the facemasks heading your way quite soon, so be on the lookout!!




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