First Impressions | Revlon photo ready airbrush effect

Hello Loves,

How is everyones weekend so far?? This is my last weekend before I start my new job and I am so excited! It’s been super chill so far and tomorrow I am going to my first football game! Chargers vs Colts! Mike has wanted to take me to a football game since we started dating and so I purchased him tickets for our 7 year anniversary! Anyways! I am a bit off topic lets jump into this first impression..

The mascara is in edition to the foundation! Can’t talk to much about a mascara but I have fallen in love with this mascara. It makes my lashes long and have a lot of volume!!


This is the first Revlon product that I have really purchased. I have nothing against Revlon but I have never had the urge to purchase their products. I really like the packaging, typically with drug store foundations you don’t get a pump and for me personally that is usually a factor in whether or not I am going to purchase a product! The foundation itself is thick enough where it doesn’t run but thin enough where I didn’t feel like it was going to cake up my face.


I first applied the foundation to half of my face with my Morphe M439 brush from morphe. The coverage is medium to build-able full coverage.


It covered a lot of my redness with the first layer which I really liked! I wanted to see how the foundation applied with a makeup sponge so I applied the other side with my real techniques sponge and I wasn’t as big of a fan with the application. I ended up using my Morphe brush to finish off my face. To get the full effect of the foundation I didn’t set my makeup with a powder. I just put on the foundation and my Maybelline fit me concealer.

I had no issues with it caking up which really really surprised me.


This is how it looked when I finished my makeup today! I had a late start to the morning. I wore this for about 61/2-7 hrs and have to say I am quite impressed.

I noticed that it got a little shiny throughout the day but it gave me a dewy look so I didn’t mind and it kept my redness at bay. Over all I really really like this foundation and would highly recommend it!!



Have any of you tried this? What are your thoughts?


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