Current disappointing makeup products

Hi Guys,

Today I wanted to share a couple of products that I thought were going to be really great but just didn’t reach my expectations! Since I have moved I haven’t been shopping much but here are the couple products that I purchased and they just didn’t do it for me.


I had never purchased a BB cream. I heard they were awesome and a great alternative/lighter coverage to foundation. I purchased the Maybelline Pure BB cream and I just don’t like it. It feels really cakey on my face and I don’t like how it looks on my skin. I feels like it lays on top and doesn’t do anything to make my skin look good. Even if I spray my face with Mac Fix + it doesn’t change the consistency.img_43041

The second thing I received in a Influenster Voxbox and I was so excited to try them out! They are the Max Factor X mascara and liquid liner! The packaging was super cute and when I first put on the mascara I really did like it. Then it happened….. My eye started leaking tears and when I say leaking I mean it would not STOP!! I had to mess up my whole make up look to take off the mascara. I was very happy to try out a new eye liner until I saw the applicator of the pen. It wasn’t a felt tip or marker, it was a hard weird shaped applicator. The liner was super black and it was a good formula but I couldnt even apply my eyeliner to where it looked good.


And last but not least is a product that I purchased when we were living in Oklahoma and I have done a previous post on! They are the Katy Kat Matte lipsticks….. I was so excited to try these.. the packaging was cute the colors were really pretty and the swatches came out gorgeous! These lipsticks bleed when I wear them and they get all over my teeth. The colors look different on my lips than on my swatches and I never reach for them. I’m bummed that I paid 6 something for each one! :/



Well there are the products that I have found to be disappointing. Have you guy’s tried any of these?  What are your thoughts??




  1. I have never liked BB creams and I have tried them from a range of different companies. I put it down to the fact I just like using a foundation because of the coverage. Whenever I use a BB it’s because it’s quite dark and I mix it in with my paler foundation to get the right shade.


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