Apartment Tour | Bedroom/ Where have I been?

Hi Everyone,

Boy does it feel good to say that! I have not blogged in so long that I feel weird even typing right now! First I want to apologize for being MIA. Life happened and moving to a new state got the best of me! I have been working and recently just got a new position at a different company, so I am trying to transition over! I have not had a lot of free time and I honestly have not been purchasing anything.. I am really excited to be back though and to share new things with you guys!


I have done a previous post showing my dining room and kitchen! This post is going to be for my bedroom! I recently finished it and wanted to share it with you guys.

For decorations I have to go very gender neutral. I live with Mike and I don’t think he would appreciate pink flowers all over the place! 😦 haha. My bedroom is very simple and I really like how sophisticated it looks.


When you first walk in the is the first thing you see! We have a giant California King sized bed. (If your interested in the headboard my previous post is all about how I made it). I love the black duvet cover and feel like it makes the room a little more classy.

When we first moved in I realized that both bedrooms in our apartment have no lights on the ceiling. I was told that all the apartments in Indiana are like that… weird huh?


So from the bed right in front of it is our dresser and 2 doors. 1 for the bathroom and 1 for the closet.


We got the dresser from a small wear house for 30 bucks! The MK on the wall is me and Mikes initials which I got at Marshalls. On the dresser I have a velvet necklace holder which I purchased at Ross, and I have my Oil diffuser from Organic Aromas along with some oils I purchased from Amazon ( I have a full review on this diffuser from previous posts)


And thats my bedroom! I am so happy to finally be back to blogging and hope to get on an actual schedule this time! I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and like any of my future posts to come! 🙂




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