Kay’s Corner | Makeup of the day

Hello Everyone!

I totally missed last weeks makeup of the day. Mike’s mom was in town so we were pretty busy doing other things. I start work tomorrow so after I know my schedule things will be changing with my blog. I am going to try and have a set schedule to post!

Today’s makeup I just wanted something simple and easy. I didnt want to fuss around so I threw on some products!! Here is what I created!


For the face i didn’t feel like messing with brushes and blending so I used my Maybelline BB cream. I just got this last week so if you would like a review please let me know! On top of that I just dabbed some NYX hd concealer under the eyes! I applied these both with my hands!


Eyes I used the morphe 350 and put brown in the crease. On the lid I applied “glow” from Colourpop. Mascara was the cover girl super sizer. I didn’t bother with eye liner today so I dragged brown underneath the lower lash line.



Since I kept everything super simple today I added a pop of color to the lips. The shade I used was molly from the ultra satin lip collection from colourpop.

And there we have it! I hope you guys enjoyed and I can’t wait to talk to you again in my next post!




Heres a  behind the scenes shot of what happens when I can’t take a good selfie for my blog!



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