Apartment Tour 1 | Dining Room & Kitchen

Hey Guys,
When I did my update post I asked if you would be interested in me doing an apartment tour! A Few of you said yes so today I am going to be sharing part of my apartment! I chose to do this in sections because it isn’t all the way completed and I thought showing sections would make it a bit different from a normal apartment tour!!

Alright guy’s so when you first walk in the front door you walk into the dining room. My apartment has a super open floor plan so all the rooms connect to each other but the first  room you see is the dining room.

What you see when you enter the apartment. To the right is the kitchen!

To the left of the door I have a wood block with the song “my only sunshine”. My mom gave this to me for Christmas. When I was little she used to sing me this song to wake me up so it is super special to me.

I have a small basket for shoes ( I get so frustrated when shoes are EVERYWHERE) and the white thing on the wall is an intercom linked to the door to enter our building!


Alright back to the main part of the dining room! We purchased this table at a warehouse and I love it! It is a small dinette set with some shelves, which is perfect for me and Mike.

I have candles on the first shelf with a fake succulent plant from Marshalls. On the second shelf I have a cup full of pens and a picture of me and my brother from when we were younger and on the third shelf I have my toothless piggy bank and Mikes certification for passing something for his previous job!

On the walls in my dining room I have a really pretty clock that I purchased from Marshalls, and I have a set of 5 mirrors which I purchased from Wal-Mart!


Turning to the right of the dining room we have the kitchen. The kitchen is super simple and I really like it!


On the top of my cabinets I have my Fallout collector bobble heads!! If you don’t know I am a video game nerd. Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 are amazing and I am in love with them! I have my bobble head set up a long the top as well as a pop toy. To the right of those we have 3 game of throne characters.


And the final thing in our kitchen is a “Vintage” sign that Mike purchased. It looks really cute in the spot that he put it!

Guys No Shirt- No Service Gals No shirt- Free drinks

And there we have it guys. The first section/part of my apartment tour. Keep on the lookout for living room/hallway, Bathroom 1&2 and Bedroom along with a DIY coming very soon 🙂

I hope you enjoyed!!


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