L’Oreal Pro Glow | Review

Hello loves,
How is everyone doing? Hopefully your answer was “good”. Today I am going to be sharing my thoughts on the L’Oreal pro glow foundation. When I first heard and saw this come out I was very excited. The L’Oreal infallible pro matte is one of my all time favorite foundations. I honestly do not have a preference whether or not my foundation is dewy or matte. I love all finishing types, which made me excited to try out this product.

Packaging 4/5

I really do like the packaging on  both foundations. I prefer a squeeze tube over a foundation without a pump and I love the addition of the blue.


Product 3/5

The product itself I’m not thrilled with. I feel like this is a very liquidy foundation. I understand that its dewy and “Glowy” but this foundation ran down my hand before I could even apply it. I did purchase the same shade as I did in the pro matte and it was WAY to light for me ( I am a ghost this is highly unusual) I made it word.



I applied primer to half of my face and left the other side bare to see how this held up throughout the day w/ and w/out primer. I did like the side with primer it made the foundation last longer but I can say this is NOT a 24hr foundation. It is also a very light to medium coverage.


Overall 3/5

I am not impressed with this foundation and I would not repurchase it. For dewy foundations I prefer the L’Oreal dream lumi over this one.

What are your guy’s thoughts on this? Let me know.




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