Physicians Formula | Shimmer Brick Eyeshadow | First Impressions

Hello Everyone!

Today’s post is going to be a first impression on the Physicians Formula shimmer brick eye shadow palette. I found this at the Dollar Tree, which really shocked me since I’ve never seen Physicians Formula at the dollar store. So once I saw this I had to buy it. Who wouldn’t for 1 dollar???


Packaging 4/5

The packing for this little palette is made of a thicker plastic. It does look very classy but could have been made a little better.

Product 4/5:

Alright now the main part. How is this product? The shadows have nice pigment although a lot of the shadows look the same in the palette. They are a bit patchy as you can see in the picture with no primer. They blend out super nice. I think for the price they are really nice quality. I could deff create a pretty smokey eye with this palette as well as add a pop of color with the beautiful pink.


Worth it: Yes and No

If you have a palette with grey, black and bronzey colors in it, there is no need to run out and buy this. The colors are so similar that there isn’t much variety. This would be a great palette to bring on the go but I don’t see myself reaching for this for everyday.


Have you tried this palette out?


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