My new makeup set up {Kinda}

Hello There!!

I have finally got my bathroom all set up. My make-up is still in the same Jewelry holder that I have done a previous post on but the bathroom is a lot different. I love how it turned out and wanted to show you guys!

This new bathroom doesn’t have any drawers ( I know right what???) but I have maid the most out of what I got and was very happy with how this turned out! The only thing that I have is a cabinet under the sink.

For all my palettes and perfumes that wouldn’t fit in the jewelry holder I have them stored in a plastic container under neath my sink. That made them easy to get but keeps them out of the way.


For my makeup brushes I purchased 3 cups from the dolor tree and some rocks and I really like how they look!


Eventually when we get a lot more settled I want to get a real vanity to put in our spare room! And I can’t wait till we can get that but for now I love my new setup and I hope you enjoyed this post!!




  1. Love how you hung up your products! That’s so cute. I usually have my makeup sprawled all over my dresser so I’m planning on getting a set of acrylic drawers or something 🙂


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