Goodbye Oklahoma

My last day in Oklahoma!
I have officially lived in Oklahoma for 4 months now and my adventure with Mike has come to a close for this state! His training is officially over, he is an official air traffic controller and we are out of here! I am so proud of him and what he has achieved since starting this training.  I wanted to share some of the adventures that we did have while here in Oklahoma because this was most definitely an adventure that I will never forget!
I got to go to the Oklahoma City zoo, which led to  me and Mike both feeding the giraffes!

My mom came to visit and we went to Bricktown/Oklahoma City Memorial. It was definetly a site to see yet so sad.

I went to my first concert alone, and had an amazing time (I even made a friend or two)

And last but not least I got to experience REAL weather! Unlike San Diego when it rains it POURS AND THUNDERS AND LIGHTING AND POURS SOME MORE! Had to get used to tornado warnings and everything but I loved every minute of it! (These were taken on my I-phone 6)

Well we are off to visit the wonderful state of Illinois to see family and then will be heading to either California or Indiana but it’s leaning towards Cali and I am a bit bummed to have to go back there but we will go wherever we are meant to be. 
I’m looking forward to new adventures and new blog post ideas!
UPDATE: we are officially going to Indiana :)))))))


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