My attempt at a cut crease!

Hello Loves,

Its only been a couple days since my last post and man I miss blogging already. What am I going to do when I’m living out of my suitcase D:

Anyways! I have a couple palettes still out and I thought I would play around with my Morphe 350 a bit! I have never done a cut crease but I love how it looks and wanted to give it a try. This is how it turned out!


First I started off with this really pretty light orange shade in the crease. I kept this above the lid and just made sure to use this as a transition.


A little below the first shade I applied a darker orange directly into the crease blending it upwards as well as buffing it out.


For the dark shade that makes this a cut crease I used this really pretty dark brown. I used a pencil brush and just kept applying this until I received the desired effects.

Once I got the dark shade in the crease I grabbed my fluffy brush and buffed more of the first orange shade to make sure everything was blended out.

For the lid I wanted a really pretty shimmer so I used these two shades! I put these on my brush and sprayed the brush with Mac Fix+ it made the shadows even more pigmented and shimmery! (who doesn’t love glitter and shimmer)

I feel like with a bit more practice I could do a lot better than I did but for my first time attempting this I feel like I did ok!






    1. Thank you so much! I really like it but I can only think of a handful of looks with it cause a lot of the colors are so similar! So I’m not totally in love but I love the morphe palettes


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