Kays Corner | Makeup of the day!

Hello Everyone!

It’s the time of the week for makeup of the day! This might be the last day I do this until we move into our new place (have I told you guys we haven’t even found an apartment, we can’t even look until we know if Mike passes his training or not) Anyways!! I was laying in bed last night and thought about a look that I wanted to do today, this is what I came up with!


I wanted to do something creative yet I wanted to stick with neutral tones! I applied the scotch tape from the base of my eye up to my eyebrow to create a perfect line.  Then I used my Lorac unzipped gold palette (not shown) and used the browns in the crease. Once I had the desired look I took my Wet-N-Wild rose gold glitter and did a winged eye liner with it. I then added my L’Oreal infallible eyeliner to my water line and my Cover girl mascara.


The primer I chose to use today was my Nivea post mens shave balm. After I applied the primer I went in with my Maybelline matte and porless and Nyx HD concealer. I haven’t been using blush the last few days so I stuck with that and just used bronzer and highlighter! I used my too faced chocolate bronzer with my sleek makeup highlighting palette!

Last but not least lips! I wanted to keep a nude lip since my eyes were more dramatic so I used my Colourpop Ultra Matte lipstick in Bianca.

The finished product!




Hope you guys enjoyed!



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