The Packing Diaries!

Hello loves,

As all of you know I’m moving here in a bout a week and 2 days! It’s coming so quick and I’m trying to get everything packed without packing the essentials! I feel like I have packed so much yet when I walk into my bathroom all I see is makeup haha so I thought I would share with you how I have decided to pack and not pack my makeup/beauty/bathroom goodies! 

I first started by packing up my perfumes! I bubble wrapped them individually and placed them in a tote. I left out one bath and body works spray! 

I set this aside until I got other item done.   I have a ton of makeup brushes which were in cups that I needed to pack! So I poured them out and put ones I don’t use as often in a makeup bag and just laid the other ones out on top of the tote with my perfumes so they are accessible yet out of the way. 

Now it was time to tackle my makeshift jewelry holder that was holding all my makeup! I was dreading packing my makeup! I love to have the option of using certain items, but I knew that I would later regret waiting till last minute.  That was when I finally decided that I needed to just suck it up and pack up the stuff I knew I could do without for a couple of weeks! I used an old box which came with an old Morphe order, and was perfect size and started layering my makeup with bubble wrap in between layers. 

For the items that I decided to keep out I organized them in my travel make up case! Since we are traveling to Illinois before heading to our new place I have to keep makeup out that I’m going to be using day to day! I decided to keep all my colourpop goodies, a few foundations, a few concealers, face primer, 3 mascara, a few eyeliners, my katvond shade light palette and all my highlighters! For palettes I’m leaving out I’m taking my Morphe 350, Morphe Jaclyn Hill favorites, too faced chocolate bar and Lorac gold unzipped palette! I also kept my elf blush palette so I could pack my other blushes away.  That’s more than enough shades to last me! 

I feel a lot better knowing i have a little system to how my makeup is packed! And getting the rest in my suitcase won’t be as big of a pain. 

makeup set up
travel makeup case

And there we have it. My packing diary! I hope you guys enjoyed this post! At this point my post may be lacking since I am packing a lot of stuff but I’m still going to try and post as much as I can up until we move! If you have any requests please let me know!
Xo Kaylin 



  1. I am terribly afraid of packing makeup because I had an eyeshadow palette break one while I was moving 😦 I didn’t wasn’t careful and used bubble wrap like you did though! lol


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