My little dream machine! Raindrop Diffuser <3

Hello Loves!!

If you have been following me you would have read my post about my migraine struggle! I have found an amazing diffuser that has helped make them less frequent and less intense.

The box this product came in was nicely packed! The box was super cute itself and upon opening the glass part of the diffuser was in a velvet bag and foam was placed to protect all the pieces!

I do not know how I lived without this amazing product! It has helped calm my migraines down so much, to the point where I will turn this on before taking any medication! I keep this in my bedroom and turn it on if I happen to have a headache or feel one coming on. It has helped Mike and myself  tremendously to fall asleep as well.

I find it super calming, it is super quiet, and the light inside changes color while it is turned on!

Now the package that I received came with a 5ML bottle of their “signature oil blend”. I cannot even describe the scent as anything but amazing! The quality of this diffuser beats any that I have owned in the past, and the look of this product is so sophisticated and classy!


Have you guy’s tried essential oils for health reasons? Do you have any favorite blends of oils I should try!? Let me know





I do highly recommend this product! Essential oils are such an amazing thing and I feel that everyone can benefit from them! If interested check out Organic Aromas! I was very lucky to be sent this product by Organic Aromas! All opinions are my own!


  1. I am definitely going to check this out! I have had frequent migraines ever since I can remember, luckily as I get older, they get less, but if this really works, thats awesome! Thanks for sharing!


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