Using your eyeshadow as eyeliner!

Hello Everyone!! Hope you are all doing well!

If you read my MOTD yesterday, you would know that I was playing with some blue/turquoise eye shadow! I wanted to play with something different and decided to try and make the turquoise eye shadow into winged eyeliner! It came out pretty good and I wanted to share with all of you how I did it!!


All you need is either Water or a setting spray! I personally use Mac fix +. This makes it so they eye shadow is not super powdery when applied to the eyelash base, and using a setting spray/Mac fix + makes the shadow even more pigmented!

I use scotch tape to help me make the wing sharp and precise! After I have the tape applied I had to pick a color! I decided to pick 3 different ones to show you guys 🙂

A lot of my colorful shadows are in my Morphe palettes so I primarily stuck with those! 2 shades came from those and the other shade was from my covergirl turquoise shadow!

Time to apply the eye shadow! I used a light brown in the crease to add some warmth (that is totally optional! Once I have the crease in I took an angled brush that I would typically use for eye liner and put it in the eyeshadow I am going to use for the eyeliner! Once I have the eye shadow on the brush I spritz it with the liquid and apply! It is super simple and a super fun way to add a pop of color to your look!

I received a few compliments on my eyeliner today and I love how it turned out.

I picked my turquoise shadow, gold shimmer and a burgundy red  to show you! I hope you enjoyed this post! If you try it out please tag me on Instagram @shybeautyblogger I would love to see what you create!!



  1. OMG, It’s kinda ridiculous, but I was thinking of doing this just yesterday! There’s also a product by Inglot that turns powders into water-resistant liquids! It’s called Duraline and if I’m correct it’s only $11. I’ll be posting about this later on in the month but I’m so surprised we had the same thought! LoL


      1. I have an eyeshadow palette and a face primer from them, and I really have enjoyed them. One of their stores just popped up out of nowhere close to where I live!


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