My week of color!

Hello Loves,

I was reading a post a couple weeks back and it was a beauty blogger who did this super dramatic look! I was talking to her a bit and she had said it was super out of her comfort zone but she loved every minute of it! Being the shy girl with anxiety I hate drawing attention to myself. I stick with browns and neutral shades to blend in! Well reading her post made me want to step outside my comfort zone! I asked Mike to pick a color from his hat everyday for a week, he would leave it on the couch for me to wake up to. Each color that I chose from I would have to create a makeup look centered around that color! This is my week of color and I hope you guy’s enjoy! 🙂

P.S I don’t know if you guy’s know this but I do wear glasses 100% of the time. I can see fine without them but that triggers a migraine. I take my pics glasses free so you can really see how the look turned out! I did include some pics of my in my glasses too!

Caution: This post contains an insane amount of pictures and selfies ^_^

Monday: Pink

To achieve this look I used my Jaclyn Hill favorites palette by Morphe.



Tuesday: Purple

I used the same palette with the purple shades right next to the ones in pink. I paired this look with a bold lip from Colourpop in the shade “Back Up”


Wednesday: Green

I started off using my comfort zone palette from Wet-N-Wild for this look but I couldn’t achieve the pigment of green that I was looking for so I used that, and the emerald green that was in the Jaclyn Hill favorites palette from Morphe.



Thursday: Brown

I think we can all guess which palette I used for this day! If you guessed the Morphe 350 that would be correct! This palette has so many different shades of brown its insane!! Since brown is a super simple look I paired it with a nice winged liner!



Friday: Red

I do not own and red eyeshadow! So I thought that for this look I would go towards the pinup style and do a winged liner and  bright red lip!

Saturday: Yellow

I have one yellow eye shadow and that is Telepathy by Colourpop! its is a beautiful vibrant color which really pops on the eyes. I did a darker smokey look with this being the center of attention!



Sunday: Silver

The cool thing that I really enjoyed about this little challenge I made up is I did use some palettes that I typically don’t reach for. For my Silver day I used my Maybelline Eye studio quad in the shade “pink persuasion”




I would love to know your thoughts on my post today! This was something super different for me. If you guys like it let me know! I would love to get more colors and do this again!!

Which look was your favorite?







  1. I love the idea, I might have to try it some time! It is super creative and I love all the looks you did but I like Tuesday’s look the most. Also if you are ever looking to buy a red eyeshadow I recommend checking out Coastal Scents eyeshadow pots.


  2. I love all of these! This is probably a weird thing to say but you have great eyelids and it makes all the eyeshadows look really pretty. I have half-hooded eyes so I don’t have much eyelid space to work with… I like the idea of randomizing the colors. I’m working on the 100 days of makeup challenge but I often have no idea where to start.


  3. I loved this post! I wish I was more experimental with colours when it comes to makeup, but I’m so cautious that things will look awful! I need to devote some time to experimenting I think!
    You look wonderful with all of these looks though, I would definitely want to see more posts like this in the future, might give me some inspiration! xxx


  4. This was such a cute and creative post! I really liked your looks on Thursday and Friday, I think the brown eyeshadow look looked incredibly gorgeous on you. I wish I could also do this beauty challenge because I tend to always go for the same rose gold/bronze shades all the time! If I happen to do this challenge later on when I actually have enough colours, would it be okay if I tagged you in it? 🙂


    1. Thank you so much 🙂 I appreciate it!! I would love for you to do this!! I’d love to see all the creative looks you come up with! Of course you can tag me in it! 🙂 ❤

      Xx Kaylin

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