Top 5 Blushes

Hello Lovelies,

How are you all today!!? Since I did a top 5 highlighters yesterday I wanted to stay on this series for a couple of days! Today I am going to be sharing my top 5 blushes with you! Everything is linked by the price 🙂

Number 01: Milani Luminoso ($8.49)

This blush I am sure everyone has heard of. It is a beautiful shade of peach. It is the perfect simple blush that puts off a stunning glow! You can wear this super sheer or if you want a more opaque blush you can build it up!!

Number 02: Wet-n-Wild Coloricon blusher: Mellow wine ($1.49)

This is the cheapest blush that I have and it is one of my favorites! The packaging is nothing to brag about but the product on the other hand, is a beautiful rose shade. This blush is super pigmented so I have to make sure to go in with a light hand. I promise you won’t be disappointed if you purchase this!!

Number 03: E.L.F Blush palette in “light” ($6.00)

I am only counting this as one because these are all amazing! The shades are gorgeous and super pigmented. The powder is super soft! For only $6.00 you cannot beat how beautiful these blushes are.

Number 04: E.L.F Blush “pink passion” ($3.00)

This blush is currently sold out but I did link to the page where you can purchase other shades of the same kind! I love this blush. It is a bit scary because of how pink it is! When applied it is a super soft pink (as long as you don’t go in heavy handed like my swatch) ! I love it!

Number 05: E.L.F  Contouring blush and bronzer duo “St. Lucia” ($4.00)

This was one o my first elf purchases! I find this to be a dupe for the NARS Orgasm/Laguna bronzer duo! Super pretty rosey pink shade! There is some sparkles in the blush but once applied to the skin they fall away!

And there we have it guys! Top 5 blushes! Let me know if you would like Mascara, Eyeliner, ultra matte lipsticks, next!!

Have you guys tried any of these blushes?




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