Day 28 Favorite Drink | 30 Day beauty challenge

Hello Lovelies,

It is Day 28 of my 30 day beauty challenge and I am going to be telling you about my favorite drink! I am 24 and of legal drinking age so I wanted to tell you guys about 2 of my favorite adult beverages. One of Mikes friends from his school told me about this wine and I AM IN LOVE. I am not a huge alcohol drinker! I hate the taste of it and I hate feeling sick the next day. This wine does not taste like wine and it is soooooo good. Unfortunately it has been discontinued and i only have one bottle left 😦

The wine is made by Castello del Poggio and it is a Moscato. It tastes like a dessert wine and has amazing hints of peach flavor.

My second adult beverage which is basically the only “beer” I’ll drink is the Not your fathers root beer. This tastes exactly like root beer. It does not have the taste of alcohol! It is delicious and I love it! It is the only “Root beer” that tastes like actual root beer. I tried the “best damn root beer” and it was the worst damn root beer I have ever tried… lol

Have you guys tried either of these?? let me know your thoughts if you have 🙂


I’m posting this early because I don’t think I’ll have time tomorrow with the concert!! Did I mention how excited I am!!!  My concert post will be up Saturday or Sunday. Most likely Saturday for sure! I am so so so excited to go to the concert and can’t wait to share my experience of it with you guys!


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