Day 24 Favorite Primer | 30 day beauty challenge

Hello Lovelies,

Sorry for such a late post! I was way to excited to get my Colourpop Haul Part two up. Today’s post is going to be about my favorite primer. I have a couple that i use on a daily basis. I will be showing you 3 face primers and 2 eye primers! A lot of the time for eye’s I will just use whatever concealer that I am using for that day!

Face: I recently purchased the Nivea shave balm for men( I know, I know) This product is so over-hyped but it lives up to what everyone says. You rub it in till its tacky and then apply your makeup. This lasts all day. It does smell like a mens product but it diminishes after a few minutes!

E.L.F Hydrating face primer: This primer is the closest thing I have found to the Smashbox photo finish primer. It has that siliconey consistency ( I know some people I hate but it doesn’t bother me) It makes my face super smooth for application.

Mac Prep + Prime: I purchased this for the first time a few months ago and I find it super refreshing. I use this a lot to make some eye shadows super pigmented. I tend to spray this when I am all finished with my makeup. I feel like it really locks it into place and it feels super duper refreshing on the skin!


Eyes: For the eyes I use the NYX eyeshadow base. This applies white so it makes whatever pigment of the eyeshadow your using pop. It makes the eyeshadow adhere really well to the lid and I find that my eyeshadow lasts a lot longer when I use this.

Lorac eye primer: I use this primer on occasion. Right now I only have the sample size but I find that it works really well to make the eyeshadow hold all day. I really like the consistency of this primer!



Do you guys have any primer favorites?




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