DIY Charcoal blackhead remover mask

Hello my lovely friends (:

Today I wanted to show you a  DIY that I have been doing to remove the blackheads from my nose and chin. It is basically like one of the Charcoal strips that you can purchase for 7-10 dollars but a lot cheaper. It is only 2 ingredients and it works great!

Ingredients: Activated Charcoal Tablets, Elmer’s GlueIMG_27811


Now first I want to talk about the benefits of activated charcoal. It has such a variety of different uses. It is said to help remove toxins and can help improve acne. It helps purify and cleanse the skin and helps deep clean the pores!

Now that we know some information on one of the main ingredients lets get going into this DIY..

Step 1: Pour some glue into a bowl. Then your going to open 2 of the capsules and put that in the bowl with the glue!


Step 2: Mix together ingredients until it is all blended together!


Step 3: Application! I used an old foundation brush that I do not use and brushed it on to where I wanted this applied! I did my nose and chin!

Step 4: Wait! Time to let this baby dry. Mine took about 16 minutes!

Step 5: Peel! This is the fun part (well I think so) Time to take this baby off and see what it does!!

And there you have it! A mask for at home that simple as 1.2.3 I hope you guys enjoyed and let me know if you decide to try it out!


I hope you enjoyed!









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