Day 13 Camera I use for my blogs | 30 day beauty challenge

Hello my lovely friends (:

Day 13 already! I can’t believe it. Today is going to be about the camera I use to take my blog pictures. I try to take high quality pictures for my blogs. I want them to look super professional which doesn’t always happen but I try anyways… I use 2 cameras. A lot of the time I will use the Canon Rebel XT

This camera is a very nice camera. I got a steal when I purchased this. I bought this camera on Craigslist for $65.00. Yes you read that correctly $65.00 and the guy I bought it from sold it with the lens. Most of the time when purchasing a used camera the body is sold separately.

The other camera that I use is my Iphone 6 camera. Depending on the blog and the lighting situation I will just use my handy Iphone. The camera on here does a pretty good job for being a camera phone but I do prefer my Canon.

Eventually I want to get a smaller point and shoot camera like the SonyA5100 but thats gonna have to be a save and splurge purchase.

I would love to know what you guys use to take photo’s for your blog!! Leave it in the comments below! (:



  1. That’s such a great deal for a camera! I’d love to get a DSLR but right now I just use my Nexus 5 phone camera. I’m actually no good with camera settings or editing lol


    1. You know I got the camera as a gift to my boyfriend four our 4 year anniversary and he just doesnt use it! So when I started blogging I was like alright then I’ll go ahead and use it! I’m trying to learn all the settings but it is very confusing lol!!!


      1. Haha why not right?? I’d do that too! You’re doing better than I would, my early blog photos are so blurry before I switched to my phone! Your photos are great 🙂


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