Day 10 Your go to jewelry | 30 day beauty challenge

Hello my lovely friends! Today’s post is about the Jewelry I typically wear or gravitate towards. I have 2 pieces that I am going to show you guys. These 2 hold a lot of sentimental value to me. The first is my ring that I wear everyday. I never usually take this off! Mike gave me this ring on our 1st Christmas together, so I have had this ring for 7 years. Typically I never wear rings but this one is the exception. He had gotten me a newer one for Christmas last year but it broke 😦 so I still have my first!! This is my birthstone Peridot. My birthday is in August and it is cut into the shape of a heart. This ring means a lot to me!


The next piece of jewelry is going to be a necklace that Mike just bought me when we were driving from California to Oklahoma. This was my first road trip/first time leaving California. We were both driving so we would have both cars out here and we ended up stopping in Flagstaff, AZ Albuquerque, NM and Amarillo, TX. When we stopped in New Mexico we found this little Indian shop and we purchased this necklace there. In order to get the pearl you have to make a wish and open an actual clam. Once you get the pearl out it comes with a silver necklace to hold the pearl. This necklace hold new memories which I will never forget (:IMG_26931

Thanks for reading (:



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