Day 02 Favorite bag that you own | 30 day beauty challenge

Hi Guys

Today’s post for the 30 day beauty challenge is going  to be favorite bag that you own. I own quite a few and I ended up picking this one because I do have a special memory to go along with it. A little backstory … My dad became ill when I was in high school. He had 2 heart attacks and multiple strokes and he has no short term memory. My boyfriend and I  had rented a room from him and my stepmom who was taking care of him. We ended up leaving on extremely bad terms and I didn’t speak to my father or my step mom for over a year.  When my nana passed away in 2013 I took a trip up to see my dad for the first time in over a year and I had an amazing trip spending time with him. While I was there I did some shopping where I purchased this bag @ TJMAXX for $50.00.

When I carry this bag I think of my father and it makes me so happy.

The bag is from Steve Madden. It is a very beautiful camel brown shade and I love the gold detailing it has. (:

Do you guy’s associate things you own with any memories?


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