My migraine struggle!

Hey Guys,

Today is a different post that usual but I wanted to post this for the people that struggle with migraines like I do. A migraine had hit me 2 days ago and once again last night and the pain every-time still feels like nothing Ive felt before.   I noticed that I started getting headaches everyday a few months ago.. this worried the doctor that I was working for so he had me set up and appointment to see the neurologist. When the time finally came for me to see her the diagnosis ended up being “Chronic Migraines”. There is no cure, there is nothing you can do besides try and make yourself as comfortable as possible.


The one medication I know helps 90%} of the time is Cambia. This is a powder you mix with water. The downside…. You can only get it from a specialty pharmacy and only neurologists can prescribe it.

Other things that I do when they hit is I’ll put some ice on the back of neck this usually helps numb the throbbing pain. Peppermint oil on the temples is a natural remedy that helps calm down the pain as well.

When all else fails, I lock myself in a dark room and fall asleep. Most of the time when I wake up they are gone, but unlike last night it wasn’t. I try not to move around to much.

I wish I knew what triggered them but honestly I have no idea. But for all of you that actually get them I feel your pain! Your not alone!


Do you guys have anything that you do for your migraines when they strike? Let me know in the comments below!




  1. I’ve suffered which chronic migraines with aura for about 10 years now, I get the migraine, I go temporarily blind, throw up, have a nose bleed then pass out! I totally feel your pain, they suck so much!!
    A common trigger for them is surprisingly chocolate! I tend to shut myself in a blacked out room with an ice pack over my face, but they can last from a few hours to a week!😩
    I’ve tried all sorts of medication for them, and the one that seemed to work gave me chronic chest pains, so I had to stop taking it, back to square one 😔
    I hope you can work out what your trigger is and minimise them!xx


      1. Try cutting certain things out of your diet and see if any of that helps, I have known people to have dairy as a trigger too.
        One unfortunate lady I know is only migraine free when pregnant! (Needless to say, she now has 5 children!) not that I would recommend getting pregnant 😂


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