First Impressions/Haul: Colourpop

Hey Guys,

So I have been waiting for this package to come in, and it finally has!! I am so excited. I ordered a few things from Colourpop after ordering 2 of the ultra matte lipsticks and loving them. I am so excited with everything I purchased although I am disappointed in one of the products. Lets get into this first impression (:


To start things off I ordered the Kathleenlights where the  night is collaboration set with her 4 shadows, 2 of the super shock eyeshadows, 2 ultra matte liquid lipsticks, 1 lippie stick, and one super shock cheek highlighter.

KathleenLights collab: These eye shadows are like nothing I have ever felt before. They look really powdery from the packaging but once you swatch them they are the most pigmented buttery eye-shadow I have touched. They are beautiful shadows and for such a reasonable price!!

These next 2 super shock shadows I purchased separate. The first one is “So Quiche” this is a beautiful bronze shadow. It is very shimmery and gorgeous. The second that I purchased is called “glow” and to be quite honest I was expecting a bit more from this one. It is pretty matte and is just a white/cream color. This is probably going to be my lid color since I wouldn’t want the product to go to waste.


Next I purchased a super shock cheek highlight in the shade “monster”. This is a very creamy highlight and although you cannot see in the swatch its shines an iridescent purple shade. This is very pretty and has the same consistency as the eye-shadows.

And finally the last 3 things I purchased are 2 ultra matte liquid lipsticks and 1 lippie stick.

I love all 3 of these shades and am so happy I purchased them. Trap is the bigger picture. It has some purple undertones and is definitely a cooler shade. Lumiere 2 is on the top right. This is a very nice darker nude. Both dried very fast and are gorgeous. I ordered my first lippie stick and the color is so pretty. This is also a collab with Kathleen Lights. This Lippie stick is in Lumiere and is a subtle pinky tone.

I am so impressed with Colourpop. Their makeup is phenomenal and you cant beat the price with the quality that comes along with these products.

(I’m not a perfect lipstick applier so don’t judge!)

I ended up playing with everything after I had posted a blog and this is how it turned out. Weener and Porter on the eyes, lumiere 2 on the lips (:



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