DIY! Vanilla and mint sugar scrub (:

I was trying to find a good sugar scrub for my lips. Since moving to Oklahoma in Feb from San Diego my lips have really taken a beating from the difference in weather. All the different scrubs are expensive or have ingredients that I dont feel comfortable on my mouth so I decided to try and make my own. Best of all I had all the ingredients at home already. This scrub smells so good, tastes even better!


Ingredients: Sugar (white or brown), Any type of oil I used coconut, peppermint extract and vanilla extract (I use pure extract so I dont have any artificial flavors added) and food coloring is optional (:


Step one! Put your sugar in a bowl. Depending on how much scrub you want will determine how much sugar to use. I used about 4 tablespoons.


Step two: Put your peppermint and vanilla in with the sugar. I eyed this one and then mix it in with the sugar!


Step three! Add in the oil of choice. I personally use coconut for a lot of beauty DIY’s. i warmed the oil up in the microwave for about 7 seconds since coconut oil is solid until it hits 76 degrees. Then poured it into the sugar and peppermint/vanilla mixture


Step four (optional): This is the fun part where you can add any color of your choice. I chose green to go with the mint.


After that your all done! You can put this in a cute jar and it would make a great present. I personally took and old Maybelline 24hr tattoo shadow and washed the little jar. Made a great size for a lip scrub.


And there you have it. Super simple right!? (: I would love to see if you guy’s end up recreating or come up with your own lip/body scrub!

Thanks for reading!! (:





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